Monday, March 19, 2012

Written as it comes. Unedited. Untitled.

You have to tell me to leave you
I would love you to say leave me
or love me
Because there’s nothing more that I want
but to be with you
and watch your movements
in silent black and white movies.
Your classic furrow
and moody flickering candle-light eyes
movements you make in bed
where I’ve been like a tourist
visiting the place I thought I’d never make it to.
I can’t forget I can be called yours.
Between states of grief and melancholy
my mind, an all knowing mother,
gives me you again
between pale sheets and moonlight and shadows;
a monochrome dream
with small parted lips beneath me
and I, finally, becoming your first thought.
The full focus you have always been to me.

You need to tell me to leave you
even though you’re never around to
be left from.
You need to hurt me and leave me for dead
and then hurt me all over again
so that maybe I can go.
Give me a fair shot otherwise
I’ll never be happy again.
Unless I see you again.
I’ll never be happy again.

You know it’s what I do best.
To tell you I love you
without ever saying a word.
And you stand there
and you watch the unborn words
trapped inside try to reach you
but the look you wear
is all the God forsaken words need
to stop and nestle further inside.
And I will always hear them reminding me
what you mean to me
what you mean to me
and the burden will never be yours
but you'll stare with a tortured stare
that I know too well.

Friday, March 9, 2012

Boy Like the Sun

Stare at his eyes.
Too long will turn you blind.
Glint of something caught your eye?
Too long will make you burn,
Too long will singe your soul
Peel back skin, crack through bones, reveal his core.
Mystery will make you mad!
Boy like the sun.

Dirty Cat

What is it you think?
Laying on the bed
Like you own the place.

I can't help but to
Notice dirty fur.
You aint bathed in days.

What must it be like
To sleep through the day?
You haven't learned life.

You're at peace: a nap
To ease the pain of
The past few hours.

I'd sleep that way, too.
If God had made me
A dirty cat, too.

The Problem to Our Solution

I was waking in your apartment.
Your white walls wore morning sunbeams like garments
A girl can only hope for 
And a whore can only pray for, 
Hardly remembering the love you'd say we almost made; 
A ghost to show the mistake we almost made 
If we did in fact get laid. 

Do you think people realize 
Morning sun is needed to symbolize 
A blank canvas for us fools? 
To start anew and actualize new jewels? 
But maybe you think it's irrelevant 
And you don't care to cooperate 
Because you didn't skip a beat 
(even with all that sweet light at your feet) 
From where we had left off last night. 
The ghost hanging above us like a kite 
Except that I could feel it wasn't very light 
And I wanted to ignite it with spite.

And here we were, even though you swore 
You adored me enough to wait for 
Your version of a gentleman's perversion. 
You'd give me time before I burned with submersion. 
You had located this beat wickedly fast, 
Hardly asking me if I had found it outlast. 
And my limbs were like a pony just given birth to. 

I was trying not to fall through you. 
I'm sure that's what most girls do 
But I want to stand alone and not need you. 
And all though I like you, 
I'm not ready for this no-pants show. 
I want to be able to dance fast, too, you know?