Friday, October 24, 2014

You Took The Place of Stars

Two bodies with a pull unknown to nature
The lover and the loved lie between the whole of the world
Take up the whole of the world;
Divide the  whole of life between his blanketed caress
And her yielding body -
I laid  myself down to be held by you

With only two bodies, of the lover and the loved
The sunlight stays locked from passing shadows
It is simply he and her rooting into earth
Blossoming greater than memories of flowers in Spring
And as with shunning sunlight, he fenced the stars from view -
But you took the place of stars

The days have passed, their world has turned to new day
What she thought were eternal tree trunks roots
Did become loose by nothing more than his driftless wind
She stands alone at the edge of what is true ground
And has felt sunlight passing skin, radiating shadows -
I once saw you as every little thing